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If you are reading this, you have certain difficulties with writing a dissertation proposal. Maybe you just want to make sure that you are doing everything right. However, the lack of knowledge, time, and experience can also be a big problem.

No worries, the following tips for writing a dissertation proposal will allow you to assess your abilities and chances. If you find out your academic knowledge and experience are not enough to complete a dissertation proposal, you can always get professional and very efficient expert help. 

Why Writing A Dissertation Proposal Is Important

Almost every postgraduate or undergraduate student has to complete this paper. You will need to do it before you even start a dissertation. Writing phd dissertation proposal is necessary to present your research. Tell why you are conducting it, with what aim, and what it all is about. 

Although this is not a master dissertation, a proposal should still include the topic introduction, a literature review, your methodology, a possible effect of the research, and a list of the sources. 

There are several steps to writing a dissertation proposal and it would be good for you to get acquainted with them at the early stage of your work. Your task is to show the prospect of your research in the best way. 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Phd Dissertation Proposal

When it comes to a standard proposal, the structure does matter. The better the structure of your creative writing dissertation proposal is, the stronger it is. The order of your thoughts should be hierarchic. It means that in the first place, you have the most important information. The least important is placed at the end.

The reader should learn as soon as possible about your research. Thus, your opening paragraph should be strong enough. It should present all the core points of your proposal. If you experience difficulties and need some help with writing dissertation proposal, you will get it right now by seeing how exactly you should write your paper step-by-step. 

Writing A Good Dissertation Proposal Tips 

Now, as you know what you are going to write about and understand what kind of items come first, it would be good to identify the main steps of writing a proposal for your dissertation. It will help you not deviate from the main task and create a good paper quicker and more efficiently. 

Pick The Main Topic

Your topic must be presented in the opening paragraph. Here is how to identify the topic:

  • State your main argument as early as possible
  • Ask the main question in the opening paragraph
  • Do not leave the topic for last by providing a lot of background at the beginning

Thus, any professional dissertation writing service will tell you that it is crucial to make the reader acquainted with the core topic at the beginning.

Choose The Main Question

You will definitely have a core question and some additional ones. Any writer must be able to distinguish them. It is better for both the author and the reader. The central argument/question will be formulated clearly. This way, you prove your hypothesis is valuable.

The reader must not guess what question is a leading one and which of them are subsidiaries. You have to clearly let it know. All specific aspects associated with the topic must be also presented at the beginning. Do not leave this crucial information (dates, time, etc.) for later.

Make Precise Statements

Writing a good dissertation proposal means being precise. The reader should see your intentions as early as possible. It is preferable to see what you are going to do on the subject instead of just seeing the subject itself. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Do not avoid the usage of the active voice
  • Don’t avoid a direct statement
  • Make all statements accurate and brief
  • Be clear by using fewer words
  • The opening hierarchic paragraph can serve as an outline for your overall proposal. 
  • Present the topic first and only then, mention the gaps in the literature (doing the opposite is a common mistake)

How and What

A precise description of the methodology is also a must. Describe the way the arguments are documented, the sources you are going to use, and the theoretical framework for your research. Remember that the methods used must fully match the topic presented! The answer to the “how” question must relate to the “what” question. In other words, the methods should comply with the topic. 

Use Only One Version Of The Topic

Presenting one topic in different interpretations is another common mistake. The reader will be absolutely confused if you do that no matter how those topics differ from one another. Those interpretations should not contradict one another although this happens too often.

Once you present the topic at the very beginning, do not remind your reader about what it is. Be always close to your initial version of the topic. Let the reader know how exactly your research contributes to the niche. Will it fill the gap in the field? Then tell how exactly.

After that, you can present the related literature and tell what aspects or niches your research contributes to. Normally, it contributes to more than one field. Be as precise about the sources used as possible not to confuse the reader. 

Need Help With Writing Dissertation Proposal?

Of course, creating a worthy dissertation proposal is not easy. It is quite a time-consuming process and for sure, it requires certain experience. If you have never been writing this type of work, you may fail to complete this phd paper.

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