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The process of writing a good dissertation consists of many stages. It cannot be completed within just a day or two. A researcher should complete a lot of steps before the document is ready. This is a very complicated process. The dissertation proposal methodology writing is only a small part of this complex process. 

This is an inevitable part of your work. Without writing a dissertation methodology, your effort will be incomplete. The notions of methodology and “method” should be distinguished. 

Methodology tells about the techniques chosen for your work and why your choice was not different. You can choose a qualitative or a quantitative approach. The interaction of both is also possible. The methodology aims to explain your choice. Your own preferences or thoughts are not effective in this case. Very compelling academic evidence is a must. 

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Top Hacks On Writing A Dissertation Methodology

This paragraph smoothly follows your literature review. The core question is already formulated at that stage. The investigation of the situation on your topic in the field is already also conducted. Moreover, you investigate the approach of each scholar on your subject.

Find out their assumptions, techniques, and theoretical scopes. Your observation and all information gathered should outline your leading question. Plan the following:

  • How you get your information
  • The way of processing it
  • Philosophical aspects that affect your survey

These are the leading criteria that identify your approach and the reasons for choosing it for your survey. 

The Main Components

All students wonder what they should include in their methodology. If it is created in the form of sections, one of the sections (preferably, the one before the research itself) should inform the audience about your plans. 

Support your section with the literature so the reader could understand your academic grounds for using those specific methods. In the case of presenting only a thesis, the methodology elucidates your actions and clarifies your progress. Do not forget to justify all of your methods with the publications. 

The Methodology Introduction

In the process of writing the methodology section of a dissertation, you make certain observations. That part is a connection between the current data in your area investigated in the process of writing a literature review and your core question. Irrespective of the discipline, it includes such components:

  • A summary of your central question
  • An outline of your technique
  • The prehistory for your techniques
  • An assessment of your choices
  • The method’s limitations and shortcomings

You sustain your methodology by proving that it replies to the main question. Once introducing your techniques, you should summarize the core problems your overall work is going to solve. Avoid verbatim statements. Instead, paraphrase it so it would be related to the literature review and the section covering the methods

An outline of a research methodology dissertation is the core of your paragraph. In this chapter, you show how you collected and analyzed data or the way you turned to the core question of your analysis. Be precise and accurate. Other researchers should use and apply your study in the process of their work. Your new theory (if any) should be understandable and applicable outside of your paper. 

After seeing your paragraph, the scholar has to be able to recreate your study in practice or apply your statistical model to his or her data. 

Simply describing methods is not sufficient. The methodology should give reasons for choosing certain methods and why they should lead to the best possible outcome. It would be perfect if they also showed your innovation in the chosen field. Your audience must get the full answer to your question by only reading this section of your work. 

Here is a small secret — perfect research techniques simply do not exist. Therefore, the ones you chose have certain flaws. You could choose an interview because it is more important for you than just a selection of answers to your main question. This way, you neglected quantitative research that could be quite valuable in this situation. Be honest about the shortcomings of your method and be ready to give the arguments proving it is effective.

The structure of this abstract does not differ in different fields, however, the details depend on the topic and area of study. There are different types of methodology depending on the dissertation:

  • A scientific study
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Critical studies (humanities and arts)
  • Studies in creative arts

The Don’ts Of A Research Methodology Dissertation

All parts of your dissertation methodology should logically be connected with one another. There should not be huge gaps between different sections of your dissertation either. At the editing stage, you should be able to place one and the same material in different sections without losing the core idea of your work. By the way, the editing stage is a must, never neglect it. 

When doing quantitative or qualitative research methodology for dissertation, avoid including the following components even if you think they should be a part of it:

  • Too vast methodology review
  • A too detailed description of procedures
  • Extended lists of equipment
  • Raw data 

Very often, researchers want to refer to other researchers and theorists. Your methodology is not a good reason for such a review. You should not include the methodology you are not using. It will be described in the literature review. When mentioning it, just refer to that section of your work. 

The methodology is a readable section. It should not confuse the reader with very long lists and descriptions. The reader may not want to replicate your experiment. Just provide all the information in the body of the dissertation in case the reader will need it to reproduce your experiment in the lab. If there is too much information enlisted, you may need to put it separately in the appendices. Raw data should also be placed there. 

Dissertation Methodology Structure

A research methodology chapter in dissertation has to be vital. Its structure has to be well-organized. It would be also great to create a dissertation methodology outline and follow it in the process of your work. Otherwise, you risk going too far or too deep into different methods and this is the biggest no-no.

Here are a couple of tips on how to structure your methodology appropriately:

  • The methods should be structured to tell the reader the story of your research. The results and discussions have to blend in the order of your methodology
  • Have an appropriate experimental design (tables, graphs, charts, etc. — everything depends on your field)  and consistent variables
  • Create abbreviations that can be easily identified by the readers
  • Provide exact schemes of modifications, for instance, step/procedure/equipment/setting modified. It would be great to provide the reasons for these modifications as well
  • Give the details of the methods
  • State precautions
  • Create the list of references
  • Give the details of the equipment used (model, manufacturer, year, brand, etc.)
  • Provide the exact information on units 
  • Statistical analysis details (software, version, etc.)

How To Use A Dissertation Questionnaire Methodology?

Now, as you know an exact dissertation methodology structure, it would be good to pay special attention to the use of questionnaires. A questionnaire is a great way to gather data. They can be designed very quickly, so this method of research is quite convenient and time-efficient.

When writing a methodology section for dissertation and covering the chosen methods, you may want to choose questionnaires as the main methods for your dissertation. This method is widely used by students. Being web-based nowadays, they are quite popular and accessible. 

First of all, this technique is very user-friendly. The online software allows the use of tick-box answers and makes it widely appreciated by users. Moreover, when conducting questionnaires online, you can reach out to respondents all over the world during your research. It makes this method very efficient. 

Nowadays, you do not have to send any questionnaires by post because you are free to use your social media to reach the target audience for your research, for example. When it comes to dissertations, the credibility of your questionnaire is crucial. Your grade will depend on whether you can defend the data collected through a questionnaire. 

Even if you conduct a survey among hundreds of people, it does not guarantee quality dissertation questionnaire methodology. When collecting data, pay attention to different criteria:

  • Who is your respondent?
  • How do you select the respondents?
  • Can they represent the whole group under discussion?
  • What is the response rate?
  • Are the questions of the questionnaire related to your topic?
  • Do the respondents answer honestly? 

As you can see, simply getting answers from your respondents is not significant or effective. The research has to be credible only. 

How To Succeed With Your Research Methodology Chapter In Dissertation

No matter whether you are crafting a research methodology for law dissertation or any other field, its success depends only on how serious your attitude to it is. The dissertation methodology tense is past. Since you are talking about the work conducted, the past tense would be the most appropriate. 

The positive outcome and the general principle of work also depend on whether you are a postgraduate or an undergraduate. Undoubtedly, both can be equally successful. However, when you are an undergraduate, you still have little experience in dissertation creation. Prove your ability to work closely with wide research, to analyze sometimes the opposite approaches to the same topic, etc. 

If you can use your knowledge gained from other scientists in the field and produce it into a methodology that covers the research question well, you will succeed. Moreover, it is really crucial to be unique in your judgments and contribute to the area of research. 

When speaking about postgraduate research, your task is to contribute significantly to the field under discussion. If you succeed, your work will be included in different publications. It will help boost your reputation. 

Your results are not enough to succeed. Your results have to be valuable for the field and give a chance to other scholars to rely on your work and take it into account when elaborating on the same topic. You will succeed if your chapter:

  • liaises with the field
  • can be replicated
  • presents persuasive findings
  • can be utilized by others to answer the same or similar questions
  • is easily adjustable 

How To Get Help With Writing The Methodology Section Of A Dissertation

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